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Your company, what are the qualities ah, walk stumbled abruptly, you know how much money I have this dress right, cheap nba jerseys you can afford to lose it you?Mamalielie the lady who knocked.Enron had accidentally hit this lady is the wife of the general manager of a real estate company.This person was originally born roots, had once opened a chicken farm in the countryside, and later because of the government building and development in the countryside that had newly built stations, and that had become the center of the city in rural areas, while the Lady Zhang her husband is also cheap nba jerseys china nike economically minded people, taking advantage of the crowd's economic construction, decisively off of the original house, the years of low prices to buy a whole chicken earn a few pieces of land around the station, and then taking advantage of the later years of real estate madness development, that a few pieces of land around the station was soaring like crazy, and they take advantage of the highest prices in a timely manner when thrown, so several times ten times or even a hundred times so that they turn up a storm completely rich, but after using the money cheap nba jerseys free shipping to open up riches now this is not a small scale real estate company.Even then thoroughly rich, but also promoted to River City one of the best celebrity generation, are also all kinds of sorts to attend a reception dinner, but still can not change the residual bones original TV drama countryside countrywoman temper, temper and Tegretol Rao who thus became famous River City shrew. You talk ah, now this is how to do, my clothes are you ended up this way, you let me also how to participate in the reception?Shrew ferocious stare at Enron, aggressive tone.Enron closed cheap nba jerseys for kids his eyes closed, really is a bit angry. But still try to make their own rational calm down, take a deep breath a sigh, looked at her and saidThis lady, evening things even if I am wrong, so be it, this dress cost me to laundry out, you see how . What is even if you are wrong, that you have been hit over, do or I hit go ah, well, laundry, oh, you are sent a beggar? I will be worse that some money? Enron took a deep breath and saidThat this lady you gonna do it.I have this dress was flown to Paris, to 100,000 dollars, so be it, you put the money lost my clothes, and then talk to me to apologize, this thing, even if we finished.That shrew look for granted said. You!Enron staring, 100,000 dollars, she Robbers it? Really is some gas, however, the original is the fault of both sides, and she get it all wrong like she was a person, an apology no problem, even still have a big opening, 100,000 dollars, how does she try to steal?Enron shortness of breath, but this is not the kind you can get out curse excluded people, shortness of breath, and it can only jump tap out the sentence,You, you the man is simply ridiculous!I listen to reason, now you hit me!That lady on the momentum higher than Enron several sections.Xiao Xiao glanced that was Enron hit man, and my heart can not help but feel sad for her, but more purpose chuckle. She does not like Enron, the company first came to play from now, she always hated this woman, no, not to say annoying, should be jealous, she admitted that she was jealous of this woman, jealous God gave her everything beautiful, beautiful family and peaceful parents, and even the design talent that these have been what she wants, but she nothing.Enron is really somewhat angry, they will speak up bluntly,Who hit who we all know are very clear, you are so reckless run up even if I may not be able to open very carefully ratio. Just an apology is polite, do not want to make a big thing, does not mean that my fault, if I pursue the matter, it is also our two aspects, both half and half, who also can not escape responsibility. You mean my fault or not?That lady with bulging eyes look at this safely, that expression seems to eat people. I said, half and half, they have a responsibility.Enron is not to be scared large, non cross to keep her, she is not the kind to let people bully people, if their right, how she they have to strive in the end. You shrew angry, pointing Enron was about to speak, at this time to come, look at Enron that embarrassed look, can not help frowning brows together.Enron, how is this going? Enron not be opening, that shrew recognize Huang Dexing, approached the question and saidHuang director, this is your company's people?Tone is very red.

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